Christmas Buffet - December 14th 2018

MARTS will have a gathering of members, families and friends on this evening.
Please let John G3FTH know of your intention to take part, and how many visitors you intend to bring.
Cost is £5/head
Please book by Friday 7th December - although changes can be registered with Terry G3VFC until Monday 10th

Terry - G3VFC
079200 77287

Cyril - G7MPZ - SK

Hello all

I am sorry to tell you that Cyril - a long-time member of the MARTS - died in October 2018. His funeral has already happened at Medway Crematorium.

Cyril died the day before his 90th birthday, so some of his family  were already in the area. Around 60 people attended the service, so a good send-off in that sense.

Sadly the Amateur Radio community was not informed. He did not have a telephone list.

He was immobile for some time: infection around the knees was a big problem.

He went into hospital for a period with a urinary infection, discharged into some residential home for a few hours, which confirmed his hate of the idea, and he went to his own home again, but only briefly. But that's where he had always said he wanted to be.

We wish him well - remembering our many hours together at club meetings and on the Morning Net over many years.

Terry - G3VFC

BRATS Radio Rally - 14th February 2019

Click here for further information.

Friday 23rd November 20:15

EShail-2 satellite launch - "I was there..."

Jen G4HiZ has just returned from Cape Canaveral and witnessed the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the EShail-2 satellite, the Worlds first Geostationary satellite to carry an Amateur Radio transponder as part of the communications payload.  
Jen will show the video to club members this Friday, and provide additional commentary/answer questions.

Terry - G3VFC

CONGRATULATIONS... Gary 2E0YRG and Jo 2E0JOZ, who have both passed the Advanced Exam.
Jo is now M0JOZ, Gary is waiting for his full callsign...
Well done both - hard work has paid off. All three levels passed first time!

Terry - G3VFC

Sale of equipment
from the estates of
Dave Wall M6ETA-SK
Bob Endersby G1AZJ-SK

Many items were sold at the Coulsdon Rally on the 18th November 2018: thanks to Peter M6OGQ and Terry G3VFC.

Some items are still available - see the Pinboard!
Offers around the guide price should be made initially to Terry G3VFC by phone 079200 77287, quoting the reference number in the first column.
Any item may be inspected/tested by arrangement and if not satisfactory the offer may be withdrawn. No other guarantee is offered.

The guide prices are based on anecdotal evidence from E-bay, small ads in magazines and word of mouth. If a significantly different offer is received it will be considered - and conversation can take place.

Terry - G3VFC
20/11/18 15:30

Guide to understanding Solar Metrics Data

As a result for some relatively simple information about the complexity of numbers involved with space weather, Steve G4HJE have provided some useful space weather information.

Message from a past member

Name : Graham Down

Email : withheld
Commentbox : Members may not remember me, but I did my radio course with Keith and passed - M3FSX.

Since then I had to emigrate to care for my mum, and nearly four years down the line I thought I'd share with you that I have now passed my full license and am now ZS1FSX. (Albeit with intermittent use of an Hf radio.)
I have got a radio in the Landy that I use to coordinate various events such as the Pelican Watch, and this weekends Langebaan cycle challenge, which for my sins I am organising.

In 2018 I will have saved up for a radio and will endeavour to make contact on the air.

For now I wanted to show my appreciation for MARTS. I don't think you'€™ll understand the feeling of walking into a room looking around listening intently and realising that you are the least intelligent person in that room by quite a fair margin. 

It's doubtful that you'€™ll  comprehend the excitement of going home, mind buzzing and absolutely exhausted from trying to follow the conversational topics.

What a rush for which I have yourselves only to thank.

I'€™ve not learnt as much as I should and I scraped through the exam, but I'€™m on air and trying to make a CW 80m machine when a moment comes up.

I will try to get in touch ahead of a meeting and see if the airwaves can float across the continents to you.

Many thanks Graham ZS1FSX

MARTS Morning Net
The club operates a morning net during weekdays from 0930hrs to about 1030hrs on 144.650MHz. All are invited.

The Saturday morning net also starts at 09:30, generally on 144.650 but occasionally on GB3KN. Members transmit on 145.100MHz with a CTCSS of 103.5Hz, and listen on 145.700MHz.
The Nets are "controlled" by the Club call G2FJA subject to availability of a club member who holds a full license.

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