Club Activities in May 2021:

Mon to Sat 0930hrs:  MARTS morning net on 144.650 MHz
Thurs 6 May, 2000 hrs:  DMR Interest Group on Zoom (2E0RCH)
Fri 7 May, 1930 hrs:  Club net on 144.650 MHz followed by Virtual Club Meeting on Zoom
Sun 9 May, 1100 hrs:  Club lecture on Zoom:  ICNIRP calculator
Wed 12 May, 2000 hrs:  MARTS DMR club net on GB7EX TG9, TS2
Fri 14 May, 1930 hrs:  *** Virtual Club Meeting on Zoom for MARTS 100 *** 144.650MHz will be monitored but the usual Net will not takes place.
Wed 19 May, 2000 hrs:  Radio & Computer Interest Group on Zoom (G0NRL)
Fri 21 May, 1930 hrs:  Club net on 144.650 MHz followed by Virtual Club Meeting on Zoom
Sun 23 May, 1100 hrs:  Tech Talk Interest Group (G0NRL)
Mon 24 May, 2000 hrs:  Club net on 70.475MHz
Tues 25 May, 2000 hrs:  Club net on Brandmeister TG2353
Thurs 27 May, 2000 hrs:  Club net on Zello: “MARTS 144.650”
Fri 28 May, 1930 hrs:  Club net on 144.650 MHz followed by Virtual Club Meeting on Zoom

Each IG Zoom meeting has the callsign of the person facilitating it clearly shown (other than the Friday meetings which are hosted by Kevin).  The routine is that people contact the facilitator beforehand if they wish to join a particular group - the facilitator will send out the joining details by e-mail immediately prior to the session to those who have expressed an interest.
Contact G3VFC via phone or e-mail, or use the Contact Tab of this website if you need further information.

Silent Key - Machines on offer. 
Details/pictures available: contact Howard G0RJN or Terry G3VFC direct or via the Contact tab on this website.

Axminster Jet 12" band saw model JWBS120-S , bench top mounting
Myford Lathe Series 7, floor standing
Rexford RD-26A Standing Drill, bench top mounting - aka Pillar Drill I think...
(Axminster?) Mill Drill RF-40N floor standing, 270Kg weight!
Performance (B&Q) Multipurpose saw 550w. New, in case.
Duratool Heatgun 2KW. New, in case.
Makita Mitre Saw, Model MLS100, 1500W
Duratool Soldering station, Model ZD929C. Includes spare iron.

There are also separate lists of components and radios and test equipment:
contact as above.

Terry G3VFC
30 November 2020

G4BUE Amateur Radio Sale


After 47 years of being a hoarder and building up a large store of amateur radio equipment, sadly I have reached the stage of life where we have to down-size to a smaller house with less land where I will not be able to make use of, or have the room to store, much of my equipment.  I am therefore offering it for sale before, perhaps, donating it to a club, or even scrapping

Whilst I am happy to package and send smaller items through the mail, I do not have the time to despatch the larger items which will only be available to personal callers.  I have a large amount of other amateur radio equipment, that is too numerous to list separately, and most of which will be offered free to personal caller purchasers.

I haven´t priced each item because I don´t have the time to research what each item is worth etc, but if you let me know anything you are interested in, then I will send you a postage / shipping cost, and I am sure we can come to an agreement on the price.  Most of the equipment can be sold cheaply as I just wish to dispose of it.

Please email me at if you would like more information about something or would like to visit and look at what I have.  I am retired and am generally available most of the time.

I am adding new items all the time, so please look back from time to time.  I will delete items as I sell them.



I am also selling our QTH and have put the details on my website above.  I would love to split the estate agent´s commission with a radio amateur purchaser (and save me having to dismantle the towers, antennas and station), or split the commission with someone who introduces a purchaser to me.

Please feel free to publicise the url of my amateur radio and QTH sales in your club magazine, club forum and anywhere else where it will be seen by persons likely to be interested in it


The government has set in place conditions designed to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. In compliance, The Medway Amateur Radio and Transmitting Society (MARTS) cancels all club weekly and other meetings until further notice. This effective closure is likely to be for a period of twelve weeks or more.

The weekday morning club net at 9:30am on 144.650MHz will continue and could allow members to remain in contact.

It is planned that a similar net take place on Friday evenings starting at approximately 19:30hrs local time and running probably for a couple of hours. Colin G6PBS has offered his service as controller, using G2FJA.

Please join in; 144.650MHz will be the preferred frequency but search elsewhere if that frequency is in use by priority or other users.

Also, please keep an eye on this 'NEWS' section where club notices may appear from time to time.

For Government information about the Coronavirus, visit the Public Health England website by clicking the below ink.

Still available, but soon going to the Great Tip in the Sky.

John G3PAG offers the following free, initially to members and

friends of MARTS, for collection from Trotiscliffe:

Oscilloscope Telequipment D67 with manual on USB stick

Valve Voltmeter Marconi TF1041

Frequency Counter Philips PM6607 1Hz to 60 MHz

RF Power Meter Leader LPM880 50 ohmn 120 watts

Sig Gen Leader 100 KHz - 150 MHz

Variable Capacitors:

1000pF 0.08" air spaced

350pF approx ex TU5B with slow motion drive

200pF approx ex TU5B

Inductor 5" x 2" dia ceramic former wound with 25 turns

Panel meters:

2.25" Sq 7 amp moving iron

3.25" round 100 uamp DC

3" x 4" 1.5 A HF Thermocouple

2" dia 350mA HF Thermocouple

Coil winding wire:

35swg enamel about 1Kg

40swg about 0.5Kg


38swg 'Polyanite' insulated abt 0.5Kg

Tinned copper abt 1.7Kg

Reel 1.2Kg red/black twisted 25swg

Mains Transformer Toroid 90mm od. 13-0-13 & 6-0-6V

Car repair:Valve spring compressor tool

Details from Terry G3VFC, via Contact tab if you don't have any other means...

5th August 2020  30th August 2020

Guide to understanding Solar Metrics Data

As a result for some relatively simple information about the complexity of numbers involved with space weather, Steve G4HJE have provided some useful space weather information.

MARTS Morning Net
The club operates a morning net during weekdays from 0930hrs to about 1030hrs on 144.650MHz. All are invited.

The Saturday morning net also starts at 09:30, generally on 144.650 but occasionally on GB3KN. Members transmit on 145.100MHz with a CTCSS of 103.5Hz, and listen on 145.700MHz.
The Nets are "controlled" by the Club call G2FJA subject to availability of a club member who holds a full license.

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