Medway Amateur Receiving
& Transmitting Society
Meetings held Friday’s @19:30 at Tunbury Hall, Catkin Close, Chatham Kent. ME5 9HP







MARTS 2022

                                                                                                                            Above: Photos of Members taken in 1933 and 2022.


The February 2024 programme of events are listed below.

If you require further details, please email


Friday Evenings at the Society HQ  (Address above) 


February 2024 Programme


Fri   2nd Feb:      Getting to know the FTDX10
Fri   9th  Feb      Testing club equipment - John G6IVP
Fri 16th  Feb:     Natter night

Fri 23rd  Feb:     Flying Spitfire Mark 9c Serial MJ627 - Howard G0RJN


Please note that each meeting will commence with ongoing Morse code practice conducted by Steve.


You can also listen to GB2RS in Morse as well as configuring other Morse listening practice at the following site:


As always, please be aware that the programme is subject to change as circumstances dictate.


Club Evening Events


We are constantly looking for events or talks to take place on Friday evenings.  If you have any suggestions for activities or would like to offer to give a talk or presentation (it does not necessarily have to be radio related), please let Roger know.


Thursday Morning Meets


The regular Thursday morning meetings continue from 10am at the Café located at Elm Court Garden Centre, ME7 3JQ. 

N.B., as this is a casual arrangement, please make sure in advance that somebody else is attending to avoid being the only one there!


Don't forget to follow MARTS on X (formally Twitter) @g8mwa for current updates and news.


For members, there is also a club WhatsApp group available.  Contact either Bob, Stu, or Roger if you wish to join.


Club Nets


Monday- Friday from 0930hrs, daily morning nets on144.650MHz FM


Thu 15th  Feb, 20:00   GB7EX TG9, TS2

Thu 22nd Feb, 20:00   Zello "Marts 144.650"

Thu 29th  Feb, 20:00  Brandmeister TG2353


Please note: digital nets have been moved to Thursday evenings


               All times above are GMT

Club Contesting


The following dates are for contests in which individual members/stations can compete and make their own entries.

Their scores will also contribute collectively towards the club's overall entry in the event.

Why not have a bash in one (or more) and contribute to raising the club's profile and contest success?


February Contesting Calendar


Mon   5th  Feb, 2000 - 2130      80m Club Championship SSB

Tue    6th  Feb, 1900 - 1955      144MHz FMAC  

Tue    6th  Feb, 2000 – 2230     144MHz UKAC

Thu    8th  Feb,  2000 - 2230      50MHz UKAC

Tue  13th  Feb, 1900 - 1955       432MHz FMAC

Tue  13th  Feb, 2000 - 2230       432MHz UKAC

Wed 14th  Feb, 2000 – 2130      80m Club Championship Data

Thu  15th  Feb, 2000 – 2230      70MHz UKAC

Tue   20th Feb, 2000 – 2230      1.3GHz UKAC 

Thu   22nd Feb, 2000 – 2130      80m Club Championship Data CW

Tue   27th  Feb, 1930 – 2230      SHF UKAC


All times shown are GMT


Please look at the RSGB “General Club Scores” UKAC league

table for 2024 position RSGB UKAC 2024


For further details about RSGB contests visit:


The final positions for MARTS in General Club category of the 2023 UKAC events are as follows:


50 MHz:    11th  position   (Leading MARTS scorer G0GDA)

70 MHz:    20th  position   (Leading MARTS scorer G0GDA)

144 MHz  13th  position    (Leading MARTS scorer G0TAR)

432 MHz: 11th  position    (Leading MARTS scorer G0TAR)


Shown contributing are G0GDA, G0TAR, G7ICV, G5MW,



Our thanks and congratulations to all

who contributed to this effort.




Medway Amateur Receiving & Transmitting Society (MARTS) was formed over 100 years ago in February 1922 and was originally known as the Gillingham Wireless League up until 1930 when it became the Medway Amateur Transmitters Society (MATS). The name was revised in 1947 after WW2 to welcome in the large number of ex-service personnel as Short Wave Listener’s (SWL’s) and the name has remained the same since. Further historical details of the society can be found at

A biography regarding our principal founder William (Bill) Nutton G6NU (Naughty Uncle) can be found at

We hold the Call signs G5MW ( Medway Wireless) that dates from 1932, G2FJA, a late 1930’s artificial antenna licence and G8MWA that dates from the 1970’s and was an old “B”  licence originally limited to the VHF/UHF spectrum.

MARTS are an affiliated member the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

We hold VHF nets every weekday from 9-30am on 2m, 144.650 MHz FM using the call sign G2FJA, licensed non-members are welcome to join.

We compete in contests, arrange special events stations and can offer help for those interested in obtaining an Amateur Radio Licence